Tuesday, March 1, 2011

little wonders

Wonder why i'm not talking about this girl as much as i should be.
Not like me loh..
Maybe, there's nothing to tell about her.
Nothing to worried a lots about her too..

But today, I wanna talk about this girl.
I couldn't remember the exac date i'm doing my urine test to see whether she is there or not.
The thing is, i have found my old expired test kit in my room.
At that time my period due is about one weeks plus more.
Coz not to waste that kit just like that, i'm doing my urine test. hahahahaha
surprisingly, it show a double line.
But i didn't take it seriously because that kit was expired all ready like i told before leh..

2 weeks after that, my period is still not there yet..
Ok, i've a feeling that i'm pregnant again.
but need to wait for another day to test again.
I want it to be surprise to my hubby..
So i buy a new kit from farmacy.
Wait until saturday and do it once again.
At the time i made that test, my hubby is not at home.
Busy with his outside job..
Yesss!!! it's show me a clear double line.. Yahuuuuu.
Quickly after that i snap a photo and mms to hubby about that test..
He is answering "Alhamdullilah"

Yah Alhamdullilah. This time we don't need to go through any medical procedure like how we done before get AYIP.
No at all.
After one year planning not to pregnant, we only takes 3 month to make it happen.
Of course i'm very happy with it.
Imagine about wanna rest after this baby pop out..
Hope for the best for her and me too.
And alhamdullilah once again, Allah listen to me this time.
All the way pregnant until now I did not have any problem whether fizically or mentally.
My junior also grown as normal as baby do.
Even tho my Sayang Ayip was a bit to challangging  to take care about, i'm still OK.

Now my junior is about 34 weeks old. A
Another 2 weeks into full term pregnancy.
What i wish for h this girl is, go live in mummy womb till weeks 38 at least before we decide at which home you should stay after 2 days of your birth..
Yes, i do have a big hope for this.
At least after we moved to our new home.
So mummy and you can get all the hospital day care facilities..
But if we still stay at our now home, we only have Abi to take care of us.
No nurse to our home okay there..
So please listen to mummy, stay live in there happily and safe until mummy ask for the day you may come to this hugh world!
Go junior go! We can do it!

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Anonymous said...

alhamdulilah..dah tak lama lg kan hehehe...