Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arif Iskandar Journey of life

 This is my latest look at 1 year 8 month and 7 days

2nd  September 2008 - You're 4 weeks old in Umi womb.. Umi still don't know that you're there.

9 September 2008 -  you're about 5 weeks. - It's ramadhan.. Abi is not at home. Every week travelling to kelantan, terengganu and kuantan.. Umi still not recognise any sign of you.

16 September 2008 - 6 weeks old. Umi have a wierd feeling all ready.. so umi done a urine test.. positive.. alhamdullilah

23 September 2008 - week 7 -Umi know that umi is pregnant. No hope at all for you due to umi misscariage history. No scanning or any appointment with gynea made yet. umi and abi would like to wait..

30 September 2008 -  at 8 weeks..finally, umi meet dr Zamri to look after you.. Owh amazing! there you're. With small heart that beating nicely.. Okay.. it's a little hope for umi and abi. But not a lots.. We just wait and see and pray for your safety journey. Kind a big big present for umi birthday  

7th October 2008 - You're about 9 weeks old. Raya aidilfitri is coming baby..

13 October 2008 - weeks 10 -

21st October 2008 - now you're 11 weeks old..

28 October 2008 - at 12 weeks old. Umi still having a morning and night sickness. But umi have to do your aunt enggagement gives.. It's a bit pressure from your grandmother.. Too many demanding yachhh...Back pain is all ready killing mummy tho..

4th November 2008 - Life is not as good as usual. Stress here and there.. Family matters..Sigh

11 Novermber 2008 - now u're 14 weeks old..  umi lost a lots of weight due to not like to eat at all.. whoaaa.. wonder why i's not happen when umi is not pregnant..

18 November 2008 - you're 15 weeks old. People said this is the end of critical stage.. You know what Darl, since you're 5 till this week, umi and abi need to see my gynea every 2 weeks to make sure that you're survive.. Umi have to take a support medicine and all the vitamins. But no worries. That is good for umi..

25 November 2008 - weeks 16 - umi still having a morning sickness.. But getting more happier than before.. You're progress normally and healthy in umi womb...Thanks god for that..16 minggu means 4 bulan yeh darl? Umi tummy is now appear.. Time to tell umi bosses about you.

2nd December 2008 - now you're 17 weeks old. Umi still cannot feel your  big kicking yet at tis time.

9 December 2008 - 18 weeks old. Yahhh Finally you kick mummy belly for the first time. It almost tear me up.. You're renpons to umi word..

16 December 2008 - 19 weeks old - wow, mummy belly are growing rapidly.. everybody guess you're girl.. WATEVER.. hate all thus guess. Actually this week dr has reveal that you're boy..

23 December 2008 - 20 weeks old - you're kicking more harder..

30 December 2008 - 21 weeks old baby..

6 January 2009 -  its a new year. You're now 22 weeks old.. More bigger than ever.. according to the fact you're about 11 inches long and weight about 450g

13 January 2009 - 23 weeks prengant! still active shopping and fooling around shopping mall. hahahaha- beside, this week is umi rutine check up week.. yihawww..

20 January 2009 - 24 weeks - umi is start taking as much chocolate as umi can.. Dunno why that time umi love chocolate a lots.. Umi ate and umi coughing.. yahh not good dohh

27 January 2009 - you're now 25 weeks in umi womb.. Wuhuu.. whereever umi go, people will look and ask? Dah dekat due ke kak? hahahaha look you're so big baby..

3rd February 2009 - weeks 26..

10 February 2009 - weeks 27- do we still need valentine?

17 February 2009 - weeks 28 -  now you're doing summersault in mummy belly..

24 February 2009 - weeks 29 - umi is having an elephant leg.. water retention according to doc..

3rd March 2009 - it's all ready 30 weeks... whoaaa kind aa tak sabar tunggu kamu lahir

10 March 2009 - 31st weeks old. Time to scan u again.. See u're a big boy far nothing is error in the making of you.

17 March 2009 - you're about 32 weeks - Ayarkk ekon opis umi rosak..really hot inside here.. very uncomfortable.

24 March 2009 - now you're 33 weeks old..

31 March 2009 - weeks 34.. everybody said i'm about to give birth so soon. cett menyumpah jer keje derang kan.. sepak baru tau

7 April 2009 - week 35.. My boss wife is inviting me to attend secretary weeks at SIME DARBY convention centre. Umi is not a secretary, but umi is valid to be hahahaha.. Seem like you love annuar zain a lots tho..

14 April 2009- Weeks 36.. yesterday umi done your weekly check up.. Wohh doc said you're so big and he need to see umi every weeks from now on.. dag dig dug..

20 April 2009 - 36 weeks 6 day old.. You won't wait anymore.. umi is supposed to do an rutine chek up. But doc said umi blood pressure is a bit high and there is some contraction on umi womb.. Umi guess because of grilled mutton that umi  have on secretary weeks before.. hahaha wohhh??? Doc suggest umi to be induce so it won't jeoperdise you. Umi just listen to what the best for you.

So on that day after a whole day pain and hurt feeling at 7.45pm, umi was operated by our gynea Dr Zamri Abdul Rahim. It's was not a good to remember expierence. Lets mummy keep it deep in mummy heart okay darl...

Umi mintak maaf banyak-banyak sebab umi tak berjaya menyusukan sayang sehingga umur 2 tahun seperti yang umi cita-citakan. Umi hanya mampu menyediakan susu badan untuk sayang sehingga setahun 3 bulan sahaja. Itupun dengan bantuan ubat.. Untuk adik sayang esok, insyaAllah umi akan usahakan sampai 2 tahun. Bukan sebab umi pilih kasih tau sayang.. Tapi kerana keadaan yang memaksa.. Apa-apa pun kamulah cinta umi hidup dan mati umi.. A gazilion kisses for my darling -Arif Iskandar.